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Consider your thin figure proof that you’re in good shape? Think again. Doctors have found that Devens, Massachusetts residents who are lean but don’t eat properly or exercise are at high risk of heart disease and other serious health problems…

Medical studies at research centers across North America and Europe are finding that obese individuals that do cardio exercises actively have a much lower risk of developing serious diseases than those that appear fit and lean, but never exercise. Studies even found that while some people carry their fat visibly on the outside, others (thin people) could have fat stored up in more dangerous areas surrounding their organs.

Hi, I’m Sarah Varno, Owner of Devens most sought after personal training program, 30 Minute Fitness Personal Training. Too many people who never workout don’t realize that they’re not as healthy as they may think.

Our Devens personal trainers realize that a combination of effective exercises designed to increase fitness and burn fat, eating a nutritious and healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and consistent workout sessions will enable you to shed pounds, and tone muscles to look and feel incredible.

Thin and shrimpy may look OK, but wouldn’t you rather confidently show off sculpted muscles and toned and firmed abs, legs, butt and arms? If you want the absolute best for your body and yourself you’ll want the benefit of a healthy body that is also amazingly fit and attractive.

Your Devens 30 Minute Fitness Personal Trainer will focus on achieving results through:

  • Effective Exercise - Our Devens personal trainers ensure that you are performing the most effective workouts for your fitness goals, whether burning fat, dropping pounds, or simply toning up your body. We make sure that you aren’t doing the same exercises over and over, and that when working out you use correct form so you don’t injure yourself or slow down your progress.
  • Healthy Diet – Without eating healthy foods your body is unable to reach its maximum fitness potential, and you can hinder your own progress. You may be thin and live on junk food, but there’s a huge potential for those poor food choices to catch up with you in the form of disease and illness. To help out with this aspect our Devens personal trainers will provide you with tasty and fresh meal plans and suggestions that incorporate veggies, fruits and other foods that naturally increase metabolism and energy into your daily diet.
  • Pushing You - Our Devens personal trainers will hold you accountable for missing training sessions, encourage you to push yourself to your full fitness potential, and positively remind you of your ideal body image and health goals.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Keep in mind that Devens 30 Minute Fitness personal trainers cannot accept just anyone. Due to high demand, only those who are truly committed to improving their life, health, and self image through personal fitness training and change are accepted.

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