I started my fitness journey at the end of high-school (1996), but until 2015 I had a burning desire to improve myself but had no knowledge of how to start. At first, I felt victim to restricting carbs and training without the proper fuel to grow. I felt defeated and continued to search for the right answers.

After becoming a Figure Pro winning first place (2018) and overall, in a group of 24 other women, I now know why the methods I was doing never worked. Now, it is my mission to help as many women, all over the world, achieve their own goals through realistic and sustainable measures.

I personally follow a flexible approach to food by tracking my macronutrients daily with room for more foods now and then. Every two weeks I give myself a refeed meal of my choice to reinstate extra nutrients into my body. I know that food is fuel and a key to building muscle because building muscle is what develops a toned body shape.

I follow a 6-day split muscle focused workout routine and change every 8-12 weeks. I do this to adapt my muscles to different challenges, so my body never becomes stagnant and becomes stronger with the change of workouts I put it through.

 I am now passing on my knowledge, to 1000s of women all over the world to help build a body they love and become stronger, more confident versions of themselves.


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