Sarah Fanelli
Certified Personal Trainer/
Sports Nutrition

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  Experienced & Qualified  - Certified Personal Trainer

- Liability Insured
- Weight loss transformations
- Muscle building
- Sports Nutrition Certified
- Supplement recommendations
  MY GOAL IS TO CHANGE YOUR WAY OF LIFE   To make fitness a part of your life, so that it was better and brighter!  My mission is also to advise you and find for you the quickest and most effective way to achieve the goals. I believe that everyone can change their lives. Become better and stronger.

  I will help you to cope with psychological problems, to increase self-esteem, to shake off fear, insomnia and depression. Physical activity reduces stress, improves mood, because stimulates secretion of the joys hormone of serotonin and delays its collapse

MY GOAL IS TO MAKE YOUR BODY STRONG AND POWERFUL   As you know, exercise strengthens the body and allows you to be in good physical shape. Daily regular exercise allows you to gain muscle mass, get rid of the extra pounds and get a slender figure.

  What is your educational background? In 2000, graduated college with a BFA degree in graphic design.  I worked as a Graphic Designer at many top businesses including Lockheed Martin (at MIT) , BD BioScience and 3Com. In 2002, I started fitness modeling.  I did this for many years and started shooting with various fitness photographers. Many magazines published my photos and that's when I started becoming interested in photography!  I remember buying my first digital camera and falling in love with taking photos. I also taught myself how to develop websites, as this wasn't an option during my college days.  In 2009, I became certified and opened my own fitness studio where I help clients with their health and fitness goals. It's my life purpose to help people and I have a strong desire to do so.   

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