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client lost inches off her midline and gained muscle results came fast for her and she got shredded wedding was coming and she got in shape
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"I started with Sarah to re-start my fitness journey. When I first started the program, I was frustrated because although I was following her nutrition and workouts things in my body where not shifting. Sarah worked OVERTIME with me to figure out why I was blocked. My success and results were just as important to her. Once I made a life-altering decision and removed a major stress in my life, the results have been AMAZING!!!! Since mid-June, I am currently down 21.5 lbs. Sarah is a Rockstar!!! She is no nonsense and holds me responsible. She is so knowledgeable in the fitness field and continues to guide me every step of the way. She is literally a phone call or text away. I am so grateful for Sarah. She is an amazing trainer who never gave up on me!!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND SARAH and her 30 MINUTES FITNESS PROGRAM." - Trisha
"I sought help from Sarah after finding myself frustrated by a lack of improvement. I needed someone to give me guidance to better fine tune my nutrition and workouts. After our initial discussion, Sarah was able to design a plan of nutrition, cardio and weights specifically for me and my needs. She has, without a doubt, helped set me on a new path. Sarah's knowledge and determination in helping her clients is outstanding. Her no nonsense style yields way to her unintimidating natural warmth, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all who train with her. I consider it a privilege to have her as my trainer, coach, and confidant." Megan
"I went to Sarah to get in shape for my wedding and honeymoon, but more importantly to learn healthier lifestyle habits. I lost the weight I wanted to lose (20+ pounds), inches all over my body and I felt great in my wedding dress and bikini. And now I have the nutrition and exercise knowledge to continue on my healthier path. Mission accomplished!" - Kelly
"After battling health issues I felt lost returning to the gym. I found Sarah and not only did she help find a way to eat to manage MS symptoms but all to be able to find my way back to my work outs. I'll always be so thankful for that!" Jenny
"I have worked out for years without eating properly. I hired Sarah for nutrition, cardio and weight lifting. I followed her plan for 4 months. Before, I was only focused on lifting as heavy as I could. Now I'm focused on overall health and conditioning." - Steve
"Sarah has completely change the way I think about exercise and nutrition. I thought I was doing everything right, but was never seeing results. After 8 weeks of working out with Sarah and listening to her advice I finally stared to get the results I was looking for! Sarah is so fun to work out with and truly wants to help her clients reach their goals! So glad I met Sarah and I'm so thankful for all that she's done for me!"- Kim Bryce
"I came to see Sarah because I needed and wanted to get in shape and be healthy. I have a really bad issue with food and not eating.. Sarah taught me that I need to eat to kick start my metabolism otherwise working out wasn't going to do what I wanted it to do... It took me a looong time and my first weigh in to realize that all my hard work with her wasn't going to do a thing if I didn't start to eat right.. So after 5 months of hard work and encouragement from Sarah I have started eating better, gained my confidence back, & working out everyday... Sarah keeps me on track & focused on what I need to do... She is AMAZING!!!! I love working with her & look forward to my workouts.. I have never done the same workout twice with her. She's keeps them fun and pushes you to do things you never thought you could!! I am truly amazed at my transformation!!! I took a chance and booked a consultation with her and it was the best thing I could have ever done!!!"  -Marcy
"6 months ago I was 183 lbs the most I ever weighed and was miserable with myself and had back problems. I met Sarah Varno and started her program. 6 months later I'm down to 159 and I'm in the best shape of my life. It worked for me people and it'll work for you if you're committed to it. I highly recommend going to see Sarah, she motivates you and helps you reach your goals. Thank you Sarah for the experience and all the help."- Mike
"I started my journey with Sarah back in March. I wasn't happy with how I felt, looked and needed a change. I wanted my confidence back. After my consultation with Sarah, I knew she would be the one to help me achieve my goals. With the vigorous workout sessions and nutritional meal plans that she provided, I was able to achieve my goals. However, not only is she a mentor but has also inspired me to strive for more." -Karen
"I have been working out with Sarah for a month now non stop and have been seeing amazing results ALREADY! That's right one month and I can already see and feel the difference. I have leaned out and have gained muscle in this time. Her work outs are very detailed and so isn't the nutrition aspect of it. She is very personable and will work you very hard. Work outs are NEVER boring and it's always something new, keeps you on your toes. For a couple years I have looked for a trainer and the reason I chose Sarah is because of how in shape she is which proves she can give you positive results provide you follow her instructions. I also chose her because she is a super good friend and makes you feel comfortable with the work out and nutrition. I would and will most defiantly recommend her to people. SHE IS THE BEST TRAINER!!!!" -Ana
"So far I have lost a total of 50 pounds! I owe it all to Sarah Varno and the 30 minute fitness program. I love working out with Sarah, she has given me the motivation, desire and the push I needed to reach my short and long term weight loss goals. Its not like any program out there. Sarah helps you to incorporate her knowledge and know-how into not just a fitness program for you but into a new outlook on life." -Sarah
"I'm not even sure where I should begin, when I first came to Sarah I thought I could eat what I wanted and just keep working out not thinking that nutrition played the biggest role in this! I was so lost when I first started with Sarah, she gave me the workouts and nutrition to get me where I am today! I have never felt so happy, healthy and proud of myself as I do today and I can't thank u enough for helping me through this journey! I plan to keep improving myself day by day. Sarah has motivated me everyday to keep going and striving to reach my goals !!! This has been an amazing journey and I'm so thankful for you and all your help!!" -Racquel
"Best fitness trainer I've ever worked with! I've struggled for a good part of my life to get in shape, and I heard amazing things about Sarah. I decided to take a chance and I'm so happy I did. She was not only the main reason why I Iost weight and gained muscle but she is also the reason as to why I gained so much more confidence in myself. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to teach and train to anyone, no matter where they are in their journey to getting healthy and fit. Highly recommend!!!" -Jenn


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